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SibCongress Ltd. offers its high standard service in organizing and running business and celebration events.

It is well known that success and effectiveness of any project depends on how it is organised. SibCongress Ltd. offers a wide range of organisational services, beginning with the development of your project concept, production, organization and running, and finally finishing with completely realizing your goals.

We offer the following services:

  • Making data banks of potential clients for your project and sending all the necessary correspondence to them, including direct mailing;
  • Creating and realizing a running schedule for events;
  • Leasing and decorating halls and apartments wherever the event is organized;
  • Organizing accommodation and transport for participants of the project;
  • Leasing special equipment for the project (projectors, audio equipment etc);
  • Working with professional interpreters, photographs, production managers;
  • Designing and publishing advertising, marketing and other products;
  • Working with the media, including organizing press-conferences, sending press-releases, etc.;
  • Providing excursion services and entertainment for you and your clients.

Working on the project, SibCongress Ltd., will:

  • Establish and develop contacts with clients and partners of your company with one to one presentations and round-table discussion;
  • Form and strengthen the corporate culture of your organization therefore making your company oriented to team work;
  • Solve your human resources' problems by organizing corporate celebrations such as New Year, firm celebrations and special occasions;
  • Develop the professional skills of your staff by working with experts in their fields and running training seminars.

Abundant experience, a high level of proficiency and good knowledge of organizational techniques makes SibCongress Ltd able to develop and run projects in both the spheres of science and business.

It makes good business sense to work with SibCongress Ltd., as it gives you:

  • An opportunity to not think about the administration of your projects, allowing you to be creative;
  • Value for money as SibCongress Ltd. has great partner relations and special rates with many Siberian companies;
  • The possibility to solve all organizational problems constructively, inventively, and quickly;
  • The ability to tailor make your project, giving you the competitive edge!


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